We are specialists in the production of sportswear. Since the beginning of our company's existence, the business profile has not changed. We have many years of experience in creating sportswear that speaks for itself. Over the years, we have constantly improved our production process, using increasingly modern techniques available on the market. We closely monitor changing trends in sports arenas and cooperate with fabric producers that provide athletes with even greater comfort in wearing their uniforms. Our brand is developing dynamically and currently offers outfits for most sports disciplines - both for individual and team athletes.

Our offer includes match uniforms for team games such as football, basketball and volleyball. We also offer handball sets, sports tracksuits, work clothes and much more. Our offer also includes training clothes, sports sweatshirts, jackets, technical shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, pants, hats, as well as bags and other sports accessories. We have a wide selection of women's, men's and children's clothings. We enjoy the trust of many sports teams, national teams and sports associations. Our group of satisfied customers is gradually growing.

Although our main field is the production of sportswear for professionals, we also serve clients from other industries. We offer custom orders, especially printed sportswear. Sports T-shirts of the highest quality, with any pattern and inscription, are an effective advertising tool that remains very popular.


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Sublimation is the direct transition from a solid to a gas state, bypassing the liquid state.


Sublimation technology exploits the fact that certain pigments, when heated to a specific temperature, transition directly from a solid to a gas state. The vapors of these pigments are absorbed and trapped by polyester molecules. As a result of this process, we achieve high-quality prints on polyester materials.

We have combined the best machinery, special materials, and technologies to offer unlimited color possibilities. The prints exhibit excellent durability and are undetectable to the touch, ensuring outstanding comfort during use.

The COLOTECH logo guarantees the production of garments from high-quality materials used in sportswear manufacturing. Materials from the COLOTECH series are characterized by moisture absorption and quick exportation of moisture to the outside.

Thanks to its properties, clothing using COLOTECH technology performs excellently during intense physical exertion. The materials absorb sweat generated on the skin during training and then export it outside, where it can quickly evaporate. This prevents overheating of the body and maintains optimal temperature during physical activities.

Additionally, materials from the COLOTECH series are breathable and flexible, providing freedom of movement and increasing comfort when wearing sportswear. Due to their excellent fit to the body, COLOTECH clothing ensures optimal freedom during various sports activities.

It is also worth noting that the materials used in the COLOTECH series are durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Regardless of the intensity of training or atmospheric conditions, COLOTECH clothing retains its properties, allowing for long-term use.

COLOTECH PROCOOL is currently the best solution in sportswear production.


The special four-channel construction of the polyester yarn serves optimal moisture management. Garments produced with PROCOOL technology guarantee maximum comfort in all conditions and maintain the body at a constant temperature.

The fabric produced with this technology has a structure that reduces the amount of material touching the skin, rapidly absorbs moisture, and spatially distributes it, providing a feeling of freshness, coolness, and dryness.


The special fiber construction of the material effectively wicks moisture while ensuring maximum thermal comfort.


Materials utilizing this special fiber construction are designed to efficiently wick moisture away. This means that even during intense physical activity, moisture from the skin's surface is effectively removed, providing a sensation of dryness and freshness.

Additionally, this special fiber construction is also intended to provide maximum thermal comfort. This is achieved by maintaining appropriate regulation of body temperature, regardless of external weather conditions.

The fibers of this material provide excellent insulation, protecting against heat loss in cooler conditions, while also ensuring breathability to allow the body to cool down in warmer conditions.

This material is particularly useful for physically active individuals who require both effective moisture wicking and comfortable regulation of body temperature. It can be used in sportswear, thermal underwear, protective clothing, and all other products where maintaining the right level of moisture and thermal comfort is crucial.

Znaczek COLOTECH gwarantuje wykonanie odzieży z wysokiej jakości materiałów stosowanych w produkcji odzieży sportowej. Materiały z serii COLOTECH charakteryzują się pochłanianiem wilgoci oraz szybkim eksportem jej na zewnątrz.

Dzięki swoim właściwościom, odzież zastosowana technologia COLOTECH doskonale sprawdza się podczas intensywnego wysiłku fizycznego. Materiały pochłaniają pot, który powstaje na skórze podczas treningu, a następnie eksportują go na zewnątrz, gdzie może szybko odparować. Dzięki temu zapobiega się przegrzewaniu ciała i utrzymaniu optymalnej temperatury podczas aktywności fizycznej.

Dodatkowo, materiały z serii COLOTECH są przewiewne i elastyczne, co zapewnia swobodę ruchów i zwiększa komfort noszenia odzieży sportowej. Dzięki doskonałemu dopasowaniu do ciała, odzież z COLOTECH zapewnia optymalną swobodę podczas wykonywania różnych aktywności sportowych.

Warto również podkreślić, że materiały zastosowane w serii COLOTECH są trwałe i odporne na uszkodzenia mechaniczne. Niezależnie od intensywności treningu czy warunków atmosferycznych, odzież z COLOTECH zachowuje swoje właściwości, co pozwala na długotrwałe korzystanie z niej.