Where the costumes are made

Our costumes are made in Poland

How long do I have to wait for my order to be processed?

It usually takes us 2 weeks to complete the order from the moment we receive and confirm the order, although completion might take maximum 6 weeks, depends of difficulty and amount of items we are obliged to make.

Can I send you my own outfit design?

Yes, it is possible to order an individual outfit, but this involves a separate price for a given product

Is it possible to order an outfit that I ordered from you some time ago?

Yes, we can make copies of virtually any outfit that we have already made, although there might be difference with the fabric. Old fabrics might not be available anymore or could be replaced.

My favorite club plays in uniforms with your logo, can I order such kit from you?

Unfortunately, we do not sell match kits, it is possible to purchase replicas of specific clubs (List of clubs can be found on the main page)

Do I incur visualization costs?

No, the visualization is free

How do you process my data?

All data is processed in accordance with current law (

Does the weight of the shipment affect the delivery cost?

Yes. The shipping costs abroad are affected by weight of the shipment. If parcel is going to ship to  Poland, then shipping costs depends only on the number of parcels that will be sent.

What's the best way to wash your clothes so as not to destroy the prints?

Our products are best washed in a washing machine, inside out, at a temperature of 40 C, do not use any bleach or chemicals, and the product should be hung up to dry, avoiding a lot of sunlight.

How should we iron your clothes?

Clothes should be ironed inside out, using an iron heated to 110 C, do not use any other devices that perform a similar function, as this may damage the product.

Can I send the color I would like to have on the outfits?

Yes, but due to technology, obtaining some colors in the same shade may be very difficult and an additional fee may apply

What is the difference between sublimated clothing and sewn clothing?

In sublimated clothing, graphics and logos are placed directly on the material, which allows you to obtain very durable clothing that can be used in all conditions.
Sewn clothes have prints that are applied to the finished product, which may make them more easily damaged.

Do you also fulfill orders outside Poland?

Yes, we can send parcels to countries within the EU.

Do you also make banners and flags?

Yes, we can make a banner and a flag, but this requires an individual quote

I would like to order a size that you do not have in your offer, what should I do?

Just contact us and, specifying the size, we will set an individual price for a given product

Where can I find the size chart?

The size chart is located under each product

I don't have a good quality logo, can you help me?

By all means, when placing an order, inform the seller about the lack of a good quality logo and we will develop it for you (The cost of developing a logo is estimated individually)

How many prints can I include at the base price of the product?

The price of the product includes numbers and three printings

Do you have references or reviews from other clubs?

Of course, all references can be found in the project tabs, while reviews are stated on the main page

Do you offer additional sports accessories such as hats, socks, etc.?

Of course, yes, but please contact us individually regarding this matter

Do you have a current product brochure or catalog to browse?

Current catalogs with prices can be found in the "Catalogues" tab.

Is there a minimum quantity of products in an order?

We do not have a minimum quantity of products required to place an order, but quantities below 8 pieces require individual pricing

I am a wholesaler, how can I join your team?

Please complete the message in the "Contact" tab with a description of your business and discuss other information

Is it possible to receive a discount for larger wholesale orders?

Yes, the discount is assigned after an individual conversation between the wholesaler and the seller